Reviews for "Symphony"

Amazing game

Great game, i think it could of been longer. I liked the concept, great over all mood.

Neat game

I think that there could be grey music circles for white particles, for when Red Yellow and Blue, or Orange Green and Violet mix into one mixer. It could have been a drumbeat, light synth or primitive and soothing... The white particles made me think there might have been something like that later on, anyway.

Other than that, neat game!


I'm stuck on Stage 2 Movement 7 thought. :(

love it

this is just amazing

Great game

The Ggme does follow alot of other particle games, but still very fun.
I like the fact you can pick which color to start with and thus create a personal
"Symphony" out of the game mechanics.

However, the music sounds alot like Sisters of Snow Dissent ~P~ from Phyrnna (HalcyonicFalconX).