Reviews for "Zombies In Your Backyard"

How is this game easy?

...when, on day 7, I keep running out of ammo for the only gun that I have that's good enough to fight off the zombies on that day?


fun game good job


bestpixel zomieee game id hate 2 b a zombie

LoL, Fucking easy.

Lol this game is so easy ._.

Reviews In Your Backyard

Nothing really special......

Likes: flixel, controls, music, and was smooth most of the game.

Dislikes: too easy, repetition, no real upgrade system, weaponry could use some adjustments (especially the Minigun, it is still overpowered), hate staying in one area for the entire game with no change in environment, I've already seen this kind of thing before, and didn't feel rewarding.

There was nothing that really made me go "Wow!" in this flash game. If you make a sequel I would suggest the following:
~ A change in area.
~ A weapon upgrading system
~ Have more zombie diversity (Give certain zombies special abilities)
~ Add more selection to the store
~ Add special things that'll pop in and out inside the area(s)
~ A online co-op feature
~ A hardcore mode
~ Make it more challenging
~ Make it more rewarding for completing the game

In my opinion this was nothing really "Front page" worthy....... Again, I wouldn't mind playing a sequel to this.

Goodbye and happy trails. :)