Reviews for "Zombies In Your Backyard"

first of all for a first timer its very nice one ,simple buy out shooter but definitly nice...
second point of view the game lags ,tried it out 3 times ,every time hard lags ....the control for the mouse aim arent smooth as other games ,so i think this needs a fix or even more practie for your next game ....medals work all fine so np with that ....graffic is ok but i guess some more zombie times can save the fun ....or another spawn mechanic instead left /right only spawn ;) a good 3/5 cause i bet your next game become better ;O)

conan o'brien zombies!

I like this game too much, you rock dude,I love you games

Awesome game release in my birth month. Have a good run!

Good, challenging game. Fun too. I like your work. :D