Reviews for "Zombies In Your Backyard"

easy A

that was fun and addicting. i read all the medals before playing and i got them all in one game. yeah...


yea, it was crazy fun, but like everyone else said the ammo probhlem was definitely a serious problem. I had the ak 47 and the uzi and they both would run out of ammo in 1 day

then the pyramid design was horrible, because zombies are coming from all sides and theres no way to defend yourself but shoot, but then you have to reload, and when you are actually cornered you hav to run through the zombies to keep moving or else your dead.

So, yeah give the ak47 more ammo cuz its pretty hard to use with little ammo
and if you make another one (which you should) be sure to have a level where you could move around in more space and directions, add upgrades, more days, missions, helper people, barricades maybe, idk, im not a programmer im a hardcore gamer, but 4 your first time this was pretty addictive, frustrating but addictive. Your score if you were a pro: 6, your score because of your first game and it has potential: 9

keep working this could become the next Last Stand!!

Very awesome game

Just a few bugs i've notice
-In some day you start the day with full ammo without buying it into the shop
-When you buy the minigun initially it has a magazine of 500 rounds, then after you reload it it has 250 rounds magazine

This is one of the most awesome game i've ever played here
Very good job mate


This game is very enjoyable. It's got blood, guns, and zombies, what more do you need?

Sound effects & music: Very nice. The sound effects were not annoying at all, like the gun shots. I kept the volume on the whole time. When a level began, I liked the voice there. And the background music was pretty good too. 10/10

Graphics: It would have been nice to see more detail, like in the background, but while you're shooting waves and waves of zombies, who cares? One thing I got a chuckle out of was the guy & the zombies, their shape reminded me a little of the Fisher Price Little People >< But the sprites were neat. Would've been nice for a little more variety, but still, they're zombies. 9/10

Gameplay: Very smooth. The controls were good, did what I wanted them to do when I wanted them to do. I also liked how you had to reload the guns, for that extra challenge. It was nice too having that staircase/pyramid in the middle, so when I shot them I could go backwards up the stairs to keep as far back as possible.

The guns were really good. You had to switch them out, depending on wave. It would have been nice to every once in a while, during a wave, see an ammo powerup here & there. Sucks when you run out of the shotgun shells, but at least at the end of the level you could buy full ammo. 9/10

Overall, very good zombie wave game. Every level got more and more challenging, and more and more fun. 9/10, great job!

Schulles responds:

Wow! This is by far the best review I have ever read, thank you very much! :)

Very good game

-good difficulty
-good weapon choices
-controls worked fine
-lack of weapon customization or armor custimization
-slowdown every time i clear a wave or start game
Decision 9/10
The game was really good but the lack of length and custimization made it lose any real replayability past medal hunting, but still a very fun game and a good little distraction

Schulles responds:

Thank you very much! The slowdown after clearing a wave is actually the slow-motion-effect I did in purpose, hope it didn't get too annoying! :P