Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

I cant get through the first level without a sound glitch at the same time as a door glitch trapping me. Looks and sounds good, want to play the whole thing...rating is from about 5 minutes of gameplay impression

Enjoyable game , the story is not as terrfying as i expected , for me that is . The most annoying thing would be the spawnhole bug , i was at last level , wanted to score so badly , but then i took an arrow in .. , i mean i got stuck in a hole , forced to start over on level 7 and my score was only 100k , very disappointing for me, but hell , the gameplay still awesome enough to keep you entertain , play the swarm , it addictive !

Great game. The only negative I have is that I kept encountering a glitch where I would somehow be able to run into the area where the small bugs spawn (The cracked parts of the floor where they come out, starting on the level where you have to unlock the four maglocks), and get stuck in there. It got quite frustrating, especially since there's no way to save your progress in a level. And especially when it happened during the final boss fight. (Although, it made me invincible, so I still managed to kill it by repeatedly sniping it with the China Lake :P)

Other than that, perhaps my favorite part of the game would be the last two levels, where things got....frantic :P

One of the best put together games i've seen on here. Keep it up!

Pretty average experience

Pretty average experience looking much like a WIP rather then V1.3.
Not bad, just so... mediocre.