Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Still too fucking hard.... i die on the 3rd level every time i try... :(
But on the bright side, i am lovin it.
Great Weapons, Great Gameplay, but cant there be an armor attachment maybe for $500.

Squize responds:

On level 3 just take your time mate, don't move until your scanner refreshes so you can see where they're at.
When the lights go down as the door is being hacked just hang around the doors, there's ammo and medi-packs there. If you go wandering off waiting for the doors to open then yeah, you'll soon be outnumbered.
Armour is going to make it's way into the sequel.

Thanks for playing it and taking the time to review it.

Hmm I tried to play it but the game wouldn't load for me.

Awesome game. One of the deepest story lines/twists that i've seen on Newgrounds.

Squize responds:

Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it.


Very enjoyable and well-made game. The only things that spoiled it a bit for me were the infamous spawn-hole bug and the hacking things, which not only were rather annoying but also cost me a lot of money, which might be why I finished the game without the last two weapons! :( I played with them a bit in swarm mode, though.
Otherwise, the game is great. Could've used some more enemies and bosses, perhaps some melee attack to get those suckers off me, and some other weapon switching mechanism... But still great. The lighting effects, bits of journals going more and more insane, things hiding in the dark, gave it a good horror atmosphere in addition to the gameplay itself.