Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Good story, but you must improve in the gameplay.
Looks like Dead Space and Alien Breed together. (Looks like a version in 2d of dead space)
Good job guys, I cant wait for Outpost 2, but, what is the plot of Outpost 2, (is not necessary to answer this)

Fantastic game. Love this sort of setting and the game-play is great.

Love the game, wish there was a faster walk speed or a higher defense mechanism (two enemies at the same time usually means I'm dead). But I'm sure you've already talked about that to others. Short but fun. Swarm is a little bit fun, but Outpost: Swarm is way better. For Outpost 2, if you can transfer the game save over from this game, that'll be awesome. That way there could be newer upgrades or something. Just a suggestion.

One question: the challenge "kills with/without laser sights" doesn't make much sense to me. When I equip the laser sights, the count for kills with laser sights does not go up. However, when I unequip the laser sights, the count for kills with laser sights go up rather than the other way around. Is normal or are the laser sights supposed to be the red dot? In that case, how do I get kills with and without laser sights? Thanks.

There is a lot that is great about this game but also a lot that is wrong with it.
While i played i encountered quite a few bug like the player getting stuck moving and firing in one direction and in fact the biggest reason I would die was because when I really needed to I couldn't turn around.

Another problem I had was as I was playing I would accidentally hit a button that would cause the fullscreen to close and i could not get it back to full screen again without closing and starting over.

Now in the last boss fight I encountered a glitch that killed me twice and almost took my last life.
As I was fighting I got hit when I backed off and out of range I kept taking damage even though the thing was missing.

The pistol right off the bat was useless as if you ran out of ammo on you assault rifle The things would kill you before you manege to kill even the small ones with it.

One of my biggest concerns is that you just don't do enough damage to them.

Anyways Out side of that It was a fantastic game and in spite of it's flaws I really enjoyed it.

This is wrely awesome game