Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Packed full of awesomeness.

The game has everything that makes you keep coming back for more,the achievements,the variety of weapons and upgrades,the game modes and alien blasting goodness with a little suspense from the plot and the side challenges and the ranking and weapon unlocking system are a nice touch to the game and makes it another grat addition to newgrounds.

I just had a flash orgasm!

OMFG! Amazing game! Love the atmosphere, grafx, music, etc, etc. Seriously, this just kicks so much azz. You had me at "they're here...". :)

Alien massacre on an abandoned space station!

1st!! The artwork is spectacular, the playability is frantic, and the script interleaves an atmospheric storyline. I've been following the development of this over at the Gaming Your Way blog, and so happy to see it released. I'm especially impressed with the underlying physics engine and how much effort has gone into the development of this highly polished game. Probably my single favourite Flash game of 2011. Fantastic work, what a brilliant game!!


Amazing to see such high production values in a flash game. It really shows that a lot of love went into this, great game.

Great game!

A nice and creepy game. Reminded me a lot of Dead Space. My only problem was running out of ammo too frequently.