Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

i like this game but I HATE the green level

Squize responds:

Thanks. A lot of people struggled with the night vision level, lesson learned there :)

Outpost is a game that had initially sparked my interest for being a sci-fi survival horror game with a top-down perspective and since I really like both of these things, I gave it a try.

The Gameplay is simple, fun and with smooth controls so I donâEUTMt have any complaints here other than maybe the absence of hotkeys for weapons.

The Presentation of the game through both the GUI and the level design is absolutely stunning and makes it look like a commercial game! The lighting effects combined with the detailed levels are just brilliant!

The Content is satisfying but it still feels a little lacking in my opinion. I wanted to see a few more levels, more exploration and more enemies. We only have five different kinds of EBE, one of which was a boss. The lack of bosses was a downer but it didnâEUTMt really subtract much from the overall enjoyment of the game.

The Programming seems to be ok for the most part although there do seem to be some odd bugs and glitches in both Story Mode and Swarm Mode. Despite that though, you seem to have fixed most of these issues through updates so this has been somewhat rectified.

I actually like this game so much that I have earned every Medal on it, including the one that requires you to complete all of the challenges. And yes, I still have my sanity after doing so.

Overall, Outpost proved to be a great game even while lacking in some areas. Here are my final scores for Outpost and I hope that my review was helpful to you!

â~...â~...â~...â~...â~... GAMEPLAY
â~...â~...â~...â~...â~... PRESENTATION
â~...â~...â~...â~...â~t CONTENT
â~...â~...â~...â~...â~t PROGRAMMING

Squize responds:

Wow, you completed all the challenges ? Excellent work mate, that's fantastic ( You're only the 2nd person I know who's done that ).

Yeah we're disappointed by the number of bugs, it was tested to death before release but still far too many slipped through. For the sequel we're going to have to look at other ways of testing it as it's going to be bigger in every way, so there will be more chance for bugs to creep in.

Thanks again for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

its very cool but i wonder why you dont start with a lot of people like in the begiining you get 2 people then 1

Squize responds:

We didn't want it to be like Aliens where you have a large squad only for them all to be killed and to be left alone. Everyone would know from the start that that would be what would happen, so it would be a lot of extra time / code etc. just for an obvious set-up.

It's very hard to get characterisation into a Flash game, so you wouldn't have time to get to know the squad members and actually care they've been ripped apart, so it would just be sprites being killed, and I dunno how fun that would be in this context.

Thanks for playing and taking the time to review it though mate, hope you enjoyed it.

Very nice game but I easily get dead hehe

Really good game, well thought out, really enjoyed the fact that you had alot of upgrades, different wepaons and shitload of challenges (I LOVE CHALLENGES) but one thing though, yo should nerf the chinalake quiet a bit, i play swarm mode and got to set 10 thanks to the chinalake, its waaaay to easy whene you get i and tbh it gets really boring after a while, aint much of a challenge anymore :/ anyways back to main. Maybe if you got a new update or second tier upcoming, would like you to take over the idea to maybe add some buildable turrets? add some more guns, nerf or entirely remove chinalake and replace with maybe turrets again :P. other than that....


Good graphics
Good story
Clear and nice audio
Nice FX
lots of guns and challenges

To easy as soon as you got chinalake
a bit more diversity enemy wise(maybe a boss battle every set?)
to few guns

Squize responds:

Excellent feedback, thanks mate ( I'm glad I dropped by now ).
I honestly didn't realise that about the China Lake, it's not a weapon I've played with much, I use it more to soften up a group of aliens and then revert back to a more normal weapon.

We've not thought about buildable turrets, but there will be purchasable ones that you'll be able to drop down where you want in O2. We've got a silly number of ideas for the sequel, but I'm currently finishing off the sequel to DN8 and then I think we're going to do another game which will hopefully give us enough budget to really do all the things we want with O2.