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Reviews for "Adventure Story"

(*) Short version: Cute graphics, simple but monotone gameplay, repetitive music and annoyingly buggy.

(*) Extended Version:
This is long and it's what I think about this game, you can either agree and disagree but you should read it anyway:

-*- Graphics: Very smooth and cute graphics, you really spent time on doing this game. But I had trouble with the Bushes who hide in the trees AND ground because their eyes were undetectable, you should fix that. Anyway, 9/10 for graphics.

-*- Music: Having played the whole Epic Battle Fantasy saga, I expected a good soundtrack in this one, but it was a big dissapointment that this game had repetitive music. It's nice at first, but it gets annoying overtime so I had to mute the game (and sounds) and listen to something else. 3/10 for music (though it's not your fault).

-*- Gameplay: Easy to understand and play but there are flaws and annoying bugs in it. I'll name them here but before it, I have to say that it was also irritating to spam S and Q (my hotkey to heal) to get by in this game
Firstly, What does LEVEL UP do? NOTHING! I would have really liked it if the player could have the chance to upgrade his Stats (HP, MP, defense, etc.) but it's useless, the only goal in it is to win a silly medal ._.

Secondly, the enemy AI was way too weird, I saw enemies falling from the sky to chase me, when I never actually got CLOSE ENOUGH to them. Also, the LAVA IDOLS (those who jump a lot) were way too annoying. When you kill them it SPLITS UP with same HP and attack power! Not to mention their jumping skills that make them reach you easily and push off cliffs.

Thirdly, I'll name the Bugs, but it deserves another cathegory to expand it. Anyway, gameplay receives 7/10 because of the bugs.

-*- Bugs: the platform system SUCKS (no offense) but it happened WAY TOO MANY TIMES that Matt WENT THROUGH platforms while falling. This made me quit the game, but later came back to give it another chance and write this review and warn other people. It also happened to me that foes (specially bushes) appeared NEXT to my platform, I don't know if this happened to other people.


I don't think you'll ever read this review OR update this game, but in case you do and if you ever make a new platform game, FIX these bugs and CHANGE the mechanics!

I have to admit that medals made this game addictive and made me want to give it a new chance.

Overall, this game receives a 6 out of 10.

That's all, see ya.

very great game,so determined to get all medals

The title page symbol looks like adventure time.

simply love this game.. I remember when I played this in early 2012 and I thought it was your best game yet.!!!