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Reviews for "Adventure Story"

Amazing game, the story and art is great (and always has been). The audio is really good =).
However, there is a bug where when jumping from a higher platform to a lower platform, you go through the lower platform, it also works from jumping from lower to higher platform. Also, sometimes from jumping from a platform to the ground, you fall through the ground into a "black hole"
Other than that, Epic Battle Fantasy Series has never been disappointing! 4.5 stars!

Challenge-flashy 5
Platforming-potent 4 (commonly when all aspects are combined on an area)
Music-charming 5 (as usual)
gameplay- fun-focused 4.5
still... the jumping system made me LOL all night...
thx for the experience!

this game is amazing =]

This game is awsome :D

Before I going to give you a review, I will point out that this game is awesome, creative, and definitely fun! But something drag it down to the abyss....literally.

There is MAJOR BUG on the jumping system where I sometimes (or should I say, so much often) fall through the platform and fall to the bottomless pit...

A few times should be acceptable, its a glitch.... but this one is horrendous simply nightmarish and send me greatest rage quit, ever.

I really enjoy the game, the graphic was marvelous, cute, colorful, vibrant, simple yet awesome. The gameplay of this hack-and-slash looking platformer is genius, I really like it!
The music is as always, HFX music is a 5 star music as what I expected from my past experience, did not disappointed at all.

But all of that would be meaningless if this game isn't really playable, I even hardly survive the tutorial stage when I keep falling through the platform, and I don't even hold the down button, which is functioned to fall down to platform when jumping.... for god sake, its not only the wooden platform....I straight jump into the main ground and I fall down like it was just an illusion =_=

In the beginning, Matt even randomly jumping, probably due to lags.
Talking about lag, at first I suspect the lag which cause me to keep fall through the platform, but I take that back after seeing all the bug report here, which is true.

Matt, your games is awesome, you have skill and this one is definitely one of my favorite, even if its not as epic as Epic Battle Fantasy, it was simply fun and really cute!

All I want is to play this awesome game... please Matt, everyone want to play this!

Note: even though it have many bugs and it prevent me to enjoy the game, I still rate it 5 star.... because it deserve to that.