Reviews for "Adventure Story"


Loved it! Fun and challenging in all the right places, loved how the gear / upgrades / levels worked, and I particularly enjoyed using the environment against enemies. It's deeply satisfying to hear that *crash* when they fall (or you use the umbrella to lure them over an edge, before gliding back to safety), or seeing them getting caught on spikes. Ditto for using 'friendly fire' against enemies and bosses.

I also liked the variety of environmental hazards, like how you have to keep jumping when the floor is lava :P

great game, love the artstyle.
Though the controls felt a little wonky.

I love you guys ):

this game is hardd in the biggining beacause..i always fall so much down bottemles pits and util i lose all of my fucking lifes..PLEASE FIX THE FALLING GLITCH
thx :P