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Reviews for "Adventure Story"

This has been my all time favorite platformer for a long time. It also introduced me to HFX's music. God I love this game. Did I already say that it's my favorite?

i like this game

Men I WILL NON STOP KILLING SLIME FOR EVUR well done lol anyway i like when the game is over go back start then pick some new characters its fun to chemistry some awesome games this rocks and now imma smash those bushes it reminds me of rustle effect ambush XD

i love this gamee!

At first, I really liked this game. A LOT. I had a few bugs along the way but it was fine I played through them, I beat every level except for the boss rush and I got all the coins and the treasure except I don't have the achievements for those for some reason. Guess I have to beat the boss rush. But gosh dangit the time trials are IMPOSSIBLE with the jumps bugging out. The jump bug has more than quadrupled since the beginning of the game and its insane and its horrible. Falling through platforms, sometimes spawning in the void, jumping past things, sometimes I even jump attack and I end up in places I shouldn't even be on some levels. This game has a great concept and I want to finish it so bad, but I just cant, its really stupid. I'm very upset and disappointed now. It was like a sweet candy that ended up leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.