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Reviews for "Adventure Story"


It looked great, has a nice cartoon-ish vibe but there were so many bugs on my play through.
I had to stop playing halfway into the third level because platforms refused to actually let me jump onto them. Twice when I used the teleporter I was taken to a random place in the sky with no platforms where I would then fall into an abyss.

I had no problem with attacking or using magic but jumping was so broken. Even after being lined up properly and making sure my character was over the platform I wanted to jump to mid-jump, I would fall back down to where I'd started which caused me more frustration than I can say. And without even pushing the button my character would sporadically hop in place, I checked to see if there was anything obstructing the jump key but it seemed fine.

I really was looking forward to finishing this but I just could not stand how buggy the jumping was. Although, if it were to be fixed I'd be happy to come back and try again. I really love your other works.

Wow! its very fun and not too hard! Awesome game, 5 stars!

Decided to return and 100% this game. It was my best decision all day -- Great work.

*Incredibly fun to speedrun race against a pal on.

I LOVE THIS GAME TOO!!! Especially the fact that you don't take turns, NOT THAT TAKING TURNS IS BAD. But......... anyway I love this game! :D

you rule kupo!