Reviews for "Canoniac Launcher"

nice i got all the way to 284,356,345 miles

i love it but it still is like turtle cannon. but it is kinda difrent from turtle cannon with the abilites like the magnet. soo i give it a 10.

Good Game But...

When you kinda keep going it kinda stars to get boring. Im not saying i don't like the game the game i great but if you keep on trying over and over again it gets boring,

Great game but..

This game has the flaw of having a extremly large price on all its items you do gain enough money to reach them but it can be difficult at times to familiarize yourself to the numbers unlike other games that have a price on things that are more similar to eachother and or smaller.


best ever


Kept me going for an hour, which was when I had unlocked everything but the locked items. -2 because you don't exclude items from a game and not let the user use his save cache on the FunBun website. Otherwise, fair game.