Reviews for "Canoniac Launcher"

Good but one thing ruined it for me

I love these kind of games. Simple and to the point, though im not sure what the point of this game is... I was fine with this until i came across something that absolutely ruined the entire game for me. The ROCKET BOOTS. omg the rocket boots. SO POINTLESS. anything you touch cancels out the effect so its useless, within like .2 seconds of using the boots ive already managed to hit a bomb or wall or magnet etc and it completely cancels the effects of the boots. rawr that made me angry.


It's a very good game, which of course should get a few improvements. But to me it resembles ' Toss the Turtle' WAY too much.


Pretty cool.

Games like this come around every day, But this one is a little funner than the others, Sure it gets really repetitive, but they all do, a 7/10 for a loss of originality, But somehow keeping me entertained for about 20 minutes.


ive never given a rating less than ten but it kinda gets boring after a while... u should put things like uhhhhh a little map or something and a goal to put on the map.... and like levels or something...to make it more challenging and fun.


I don't think it's as bad as everyone says it is. Yes, it's Toss the Turtle with a new coat of paint. I've seen worse.

THAT SAID, it's not the best either. The programming is functional, but if it weren't we would have a real problem on our hands. The aesthetic feels cobbled-together, and I don't feel like this really got past the conceptual phase. You could have done so much more with this game-- why didn't you? We need to show the world that the gaming community doesn't just take what's thrown to them. We have standards.

You're undoubtedly intelligent people-- What is this, then? You are making no money off us. Is this just practice? OK, that I understand. I'm all for tiny test products as long as they DON'T GO IN THE PORTAL. That isn't what it's for. I believe that when you submit to Newgrounds' portal, you are saying "OK, this is the best I can do on this project, I hope it's worthy of adding to the collective."

Newgrounds.com is not a dumping ground.

We can do more than this.