Reviews for "Canoniac Launcher"


I think i played this already......oh no wait that was toss the turtle.

reminds me of a game

kinda reminds me of toss the turtle

i agree with DECA-FADE

this game totally remindes me of toss the turtle what gave it away to me was the movement of the character when he hits the ground and the fact that you have a canon to fire him soooo yay i guess i will never see originallity from any game author oh and also it becomes boring after a while my score 6

Ummm.... Guys?

I dont know if anyone else has noticed this, but this game eerily reminds me of toss the turtle.

Thats mostly why I gave a 7, this reminds me WAY too much of toss the turtle, the only thing saving this game from getting a worse score from me is the fact there are passive abilities. Which I dont recall being available in toss the turtle. But everything else just makes me think WAY too much of toss the turtle. Sorry, but you borderline copied off of a true newgrounds game.

Now, before anyone reviews and tries to shoot down my view. Consider this, some of the objects you run into in this game are oddly similar to ones in toss the turtle, the only thing that isn't similar is that one object that makes you go the opposite direction. Shooting/hitting the guy you fling was also a Toss the turtle aspect. See where im getting my opinion from? I actually have PLAYED toss the turtle and this is just way too similar to that game for me to slap a 10 on this one and call it a day.


dexbmx: they're passive, that means they work automaticly