Reviews for "Canoniac Launcher"

med clas duplicate

as everyone see this is toss the turtle with a robot whitch is first misttake. Whetre's blood where's this stupid senceless voilence that we love? next weapons. they suck! cmon im not gona whack him with a carpet thing that i dont even know how to call. firing guns are ok but chelicopter is failure on all the line long. And as last step: helpers. dont you think that tey are more like anoying shit that is slowing you down? shouldn't it be a litle bit speeding you up? mostly annoying thing is that they are stoping rocket booster! Toss the turtle is mUUuuuch beter.


nice making it to front page i like shooting stuff out of cannons like learn to fly this simulates to tat a bit but good job!

well good but

there was going to high made you have to restart a bat costing $25000 and a drill costing $50000


I'm gonna blam this piece of crap because of the annoying head grabbers. Also, can't seem to achieve reverse length

really good but a little slow

a little bit slow but thats it. oh and ummm i didnt know that baseball bats cost 25000