Reviews for "Canoniac Launcher"

I Think I have seen this somewere........

Oh thats right! .... "Toss The Turtle". The same game with less to use and not as mush blood drawn. Coulld Ues more things but good for the younger users.

"Overall Clone" With Bad loop.

MEh. 10 seconds of good music looped forever

It would have been fun if they had more than 10 seconds of good music.. and if they didn't LINK DIRECtly to their webpage when you try to buy the mystery item.

I hate games that open other webpages. It was fun but it gets a zero.


toss the turtle is better

Shitty....but very decently entertaining.

Its a big shitty rip-off of toss the turtle, It is so overdone with really annoying obstacles and has the worst fucking storyline I've ever seen. So my rating is a 1. I dont give a shit weather its fun or not, its just a big rip-off of the famous Toss The Turtle. So please, NEXT TIME DONT BE SO LAZY AND ACTUALLY WORK ON A GAME INSTEAD OF COPYING ONE!!!!! Who agrees with me?



What a terrible storyline