Reviews for "The Nightmare Island"


I like your drawing Skills, but the Animation and Sync arenĀ“t perfect yet :/

Fix the sync - How to

Fix the sync by changing the sound from "event" to "stream" in the property panel for each sound clip on the timeline.

So far so good

the sound still goes out of sync when he jumps off the turtles back. I stopped watching so I could view it in all its glory once it has been sorted.

Very Rad

You did a mighty fine job of character design, despite the animation itself being a tad skippy. My timbers were shivered when i wasn't hearing what i was seeing sync up...otherwise keep your eyes on the booty, ye scally-wag!

Enjoyed it

I enjoyed it, especially for it's originality.
Except I kinda felt it didn't really work towards a point.

Also, the sound is out of sync as hell. At first I thought it was just poorly directed. Fix fix fix!