Reviews for "The Nightmare Island"

An excellent metaphor for life.

fun to watch too.

Clean and Funny

A lot of people have been complaining about things, but I'd like to point out the good things of this Flash, or at least the things I thought stood out.

The idea is nice, a lot of unexpected turns came in every scene. I liked the way the film was mostly music and only a few sounds to describe what the pirate actually thought. There's no need for voice. I have to say I love the art style. It's really really simple and yet it looks clean, professional and I can see hints of great art skills in development in there - I of course don't know if this was an intentional choice or if you're still learning the skills, but in both cases, great work!

The ending was very sudden, but I didn't mind that at all. It had quite a comical effect. Some things were funny, like the hat-a-chute.

So all in all, 7/10. It was a nice Flash and I enjoyed watching it. Hope to see more! :)

mickandgreg responds:

Thank you so much! really appreciated!


No talking, just sounds. And when stories end in a dream (thus not actually happen) it feels like a waste of time. But the animation was pretty good and it had a pirate-like feel to it.

great but silent movie.

in your description you said you put the sound back, yet you didnt.

No sound.

Great animation, most of the time.

I could not hear anything. You should test your animations before submitting them.