Reviews for "The Nightmare Island"

No sound

I'm not hearing any sound which is to bad. :( Nice video, would have given it a 10 if it were with sound.

mickandgreg responds:

Thank you!
Yes I had a problem while trying to solve my previous problem... I've just uploaded the new version! Just wait a little bit, the video to be checked by newground and it would be ok

I liked it

Although it seems like the captain is a reference to billy from billy & mandy


Not very entertaining, and, as everyone said, the sound isn't synched at all. (About a 4 second difference later on.)
The art and music were good though.


looked good, good story, took to long to load and audio/video didnt sync up, otherwise i dug it

Sorry dude...

The first big problem is that your audio and video aren't synced up at all. Secondly........ it was just.... not very entertaining.

There's a spot in your video where it lags. The scene where he's parachuting with his hat.