Reviews for "The Nightmare Island"

very good

somthing i realy like is well everything its some what short, but awsome the only problem is sound wich i dont mind really so great job and, keep it up!!!

Big filesize

At first when looking at the filesize I was sure it was a really great movie with expert animation , one of the best of his kind but really NO

I was sure its gonna be good but yeah the animation was really great almost like a real cartoon but all the rest sucked !

Like it was so lame the story has no point at all , we dont care he ride a turtle and it just getting worse at the end its just so boring , like a pirate story we seen a million times but really worst.
I dont know it was kinda lame with no point at all...

Took forever to load... But was worth the wait

Awesome animation... Nuff' Said

pretty good

It was quite entertaining. the only flaws are the sounds synching and the walking animation,otherwise it looks great


so that thing at the end was an evil him? will that's kinda cool...