Reviews for "The Nightmare Island"

really nice, but what happened to the sound?

a very creative flash, and really good animation, but still, in the cave, the sound totally doesnt match the moments, that really ruined it i think, because it took all the surprsing moments. well, i liked the beginning most.

Audio bug

Sound doesn't match from some moment. You should choose 'Steam' option of the sound in your *.fla file.


The audio didnt match at all, especially when it came to falling into the treasure, the snoring, the yee haw. Nice animation but you need to work on timing? if that makes sense.

Well made, but lacking substance

While the animation and sound were great, I didn't see much of a plot, and the ending was sudden and unfulfilling. I hope to see more work from you with stronger stories or jokes.

Okay Animation...but OMG HUGE FILE!!!

I nearly gave up on watching it because of the huge loading time. I'm going to assume it was the audio. While the audio was crystal clear, it DEFINATELY needs to be compressed more...