Reviews for "For the last time"


Id like to use this for my production (a pantomime) - for an intense 'hero/adventure' scene- to a paying audience.
Do I have your permission? :)
If so- what name shall I give the credit to? 'Madboss'?


it's just amazing i mean this song is pure epic and one of the best songs i have ever heard

I love it

Ialways look for your work and am never disapointed


Its like it teleports you to another time another world before a lot of years. lone wanderer traveling through charmed forests and evil magic with his only friend a sword and his armour, after years he has became excellent warrior fear nothing but himself...

The Story

0:00 - 0:08 The Hero recieves the news of another battle, then at 0:09 he prepares for his last heroic battle, and sets of. Then at 1:02, He is there, in the war zone. He can see the enemy army, he stands firm, at about 1:30, his foes advance and increase in zeal as they go. 2:05 The hero loses a friend, and fights on for him, winning the fight, without care for himself, to avenge his dearest friend, 3:27 the battle is won, the hero has avenged his companion, and he mourns his death.

Great tune, 5'd, 10'd, DL'd, and just an amazing song!