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Reviews for "For the last time"

Epic Sound

I really love the beginning of this song. It kind of drags just slightly at the end, but it is still among my favorites. The beginning of it sounds so epic like a big battle is taking place. I could imagine the beginning of this song being in a movie like Braveheart or something similar. Really cool! Great work!


Id like to use this for my production (a pantomime) - for an intense 'hero/adventure' scene- to a paying audience.
Do I have your permission? :)
If so- what name shall I give the credit to? 'Madboss'?


it's just amazing i mean this song is pure epic and one of the best songs i have ever heard

I love it

Ialways look for your work and am never disapointed


Its like it teleports you to another time another world before a lot of years. lone wanderer traveling through charmed forests and evil magic with his only friend a sword and his armour, after years he has became excellent warrior fear nothing but himself...