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Reviews for "For the last time"

Truly magnificent

Great work of art i have to say truly amazing.
This by far is godly amongst all others this truly is a master piece.



i dont usually give 10's across the board, but damn this song was epic! could you post it on Myspace? (this is not a promotion of unrelated websites)

((VOTED 5))

I loved this song. Its one of those tracks that when you listen to it, it just feals epic. Having that is something that can ascend your song over other songs. It almost seamed like you had a whole orchestra in on this. Thats how good it was. And how can you not like that little story you crammed into one tiny line. Priceless.

A Clever Piece Involving Amazing of Drums!

That was an excellent piece. Unlike other reviews, I will actually be explaining why I gave you the scores I did. The drums were right on cue and the the clarinet part really stood out when everything else turned silent. (well, I think that was clarinet) However, that sounds a lot like other musical pieces from different movies that I have heard, so I can't give originality a perfect ten. It must have taken you hours to actually compose that beautiful piece so I gave you a ten in effort. The music was a bit fuzzy in some parts and sort of distorted. I like the dynamics in this piece. It's very tense, like the warrior is battling then silence. The sound of victory. I like that. I also like the strings in this section. They gave a strong, rhythm to the whole piece. The chimes also give a dramatic feeling. Overall, ver nice job! I wish my school orchestra and band could play this...

madboss responds:

Actually that clarinet wanted to be a panflute - but the main thing is that you liked its sound. I agree that the themes I used are really close to filmscores but since I'm always listening to them as many times I could they keep swirling in my head and sometimes my compositions are become close like them.

The distrotion was fault of weak mastering - I was not the best in it when I made this piece. If you listen to my newer stuff (hopefully) you'll hear a change.

Thanks for your detailed review! I'm glad you liked it!


I'm sorry, but... this... is.... ONE OF THE BEST SONGS I'VE EVER HEARD!!!!!

madboss responds:

Ehm... I'm really happy that you're on this opinion and you liked this music that much. It feels good. Thanks for your rev!