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Reviews for "For the last time"


if there is only one word to describe this it would be epic


If you don't mind, I'd like to share my visualization with everybody.
0:00 to 0:56, I saw a glorious military leader, fighting for his homeland, and his peoplee. He was a well-respected general in the mlitary, who fought fiercely. Then he retired at 0:57. at 1:04, I see him finding the government turning into a kleptocracy. Once again, he must fight for his people, and at 1:20, I see him beginning a rebellion against the evil kleptocrats, talking to neighbors and friends and gaining support and weapons. At 1:36, he decides that they have enough to begin an armed rebellion. They begin their fierce march on the capitol, killing and capturing all in their way. At 2:07, they had finally reached the dreaded fortress where the kleptocrats lived. It was time to prove himself once again. the troops take their positions. it was only a matter of time until they were found, and they needed as many people in the right places as possible. At 3:27, I see the troops being fired upon and the general orders a charge right into the heart of the kleptocrats' defences. In his excitement, he stood up too high and was shot to death. The rest of the troops are angered, but not discouraged. They would not let their beloved general die in vain! At about 4:10, I see the survivors holding a makeshift funeral for him. Many tears were shed, but all knew his sacrifce was not in vain, for they had won. A grand memorial was erected over the spot where he died, a remnder of not only him, but all who had died that day. he would have wanted it that way, for he knew that he was fighting not for hmself, but his people.

this song's so epic epic epiic epic epic awsome

i just heard this song on a smosh video and i had to come check it out to se what else you had. if you never heared of smosh go into you tube and type in smosh then look up anthony gets a haircut and thats where you will hear part of this song.

Greatness and talent combine to make a masterpiece

I heard this song a couple weeks ago watching a Darkfall preview trailer and god, I found my way here straight away, this song is absolutely incredible. And I thought Lux Aeterna was the best thing ever, this just blows it away. Heck, it is so good it made me signup to NG and also download all of your other songs, which are all incredible. I wish I had this kind of talent, but I'll settle with listening what you compose. Don't ever doubt yourself, you're absolutely very talented. This has all the makings of a true masterpiece.


That was... amazing!