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Reviews for "For the last time"

The Story

0:00 - 0:08 The Hero recieves the news of another battle, then at 0:09 he prepares for his last heroic battle, and sets of. Then at 1:02, He is there, in the war zone. He can see the enemy army, he stands firm, at about 1:30, his foes advance and increase in zeal as they go. 2:05 The hero loses a friend, and fights on for him, winning the fight, without care for himself, to avenge his dearest friend, 3:27 the battle is won, the hero has avenged his companion, and he mourns his death.

Great tune, 5'd, 10'd, DL'd, and just an amazing song!


This is amazingly good, and makes your hair stand on end when you listen to it. Easily a 10. That, and anytime the bass nearly blows my speakers, the song responsible deserves a 10.


This is seriously the greatest song I have ever heard made from a computer program. I wish I could know hoe you do this because I really think this is fantastic. Thank you for posting this.


this was cool


This was INCREDIBLE. I'm new to this website so i'm not sure how you made this, whether it was with garage band or an actual orchestra but either way it blew my mind. I first heard about this song on a youtube video, It'd be awesome if more people knew about it. Overall, simply amazing! 11/10!