Reviews for "Melee Man"

Fun little game

I can only follow up dedepas ( kudos for you beating level 13 o.O and until level 15 O.O )

Mostly nicely done

I have to give you credit for having such nicely made graphics on every level. I'm starting to notice how these flixel games are like. This is one that I unfortunately am not very good on. The worst part is easily jumping. I have had trouble with this before so I guess I just need to hang onto the jump button more. The music is pretty good and gives off a decent tone. What I also like is how there's a lot of level to go and look around.

It's interesting to see what obstacles will come up next. I guess this doesn't mean much, but happy Halloween! I guess really any fantasy character could go with that, given that cosplay are just more elaborate costumes. I like how I can bounce on the guys, but of course I rather shoot them. Thank you for having a medal after every level.

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

This isn't a Flixel game, but thank you for your feedback. :)

You know, a hard game is a hard game...

But your game has no difficulty ramp...

Levels 1-12 are all very easy. Level 13 is extremely hard, and level 14 goes back to easy. Level 15 is simply infuriating!

Your game looks nice and controls smoothly, but I have to knock off a few points for the disparity in difficulty.

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I moved some levels around so hopefully things are a little more balanced now. :)

You know what you did.

Shame on you for making Stage 13. You know why.

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

Bouncy :(

Was good until...

Your game was good... until level 13.
Your level 14 should replace level 13 because he is WAY easier to pass that level 13...
Your level 13 is just about getting the rythm and is way too hard, I could easily see it being the boss level...
Your level 15... let me guess, you didn't try it?(ps: the goal is to stay in the middle when the boss does his ultimate(between each phase))
I was able to manage 4 phase before diing, the first phase is quite easy, the second is easy after 1-2 try. ( just move in the middle from right to left side)
The third one is easy when you understand how its work, maybe after 5-6 tries...(you move right to left side like before but you do a little jump before goind right again, then you restart the processus).
If the level was finish after level 3 it should be okay but cmon, the phase 4 is just ridiculously hard... You need pure luck to make it throught.
Well, even if you LUCKILY manage the 4th phase, the 5 is impossible, the ultimate between 4 and 5 can easily kill you himself, why do you make the boss ATTACKING when the ultimate is not even done...
Man, tes your thing before giving and if you did, I don't know how you manage to do the level 15 but you need to understand that NOT EVERYONE is "as talented" as you, you please low the level of difficulty.
For level 1 to 12 I would have give you 9/10 4/5 but just for the 13 and 15 I will give you 4/10 and 2/5...
Ps oghard: R to restart, you need to go in the other way before going at the door esle you can't escape and you need to do R to RESTART.

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

I moved level 13 into the challenge levels and replaced it with an easier one. I assure you that all of the levels are possible though, I've played and finished each one many times. Thanks for playing! :)