Reviews for "[S] Cascade."

this is epic, you might also appreciate my series good luck fools, Homestuck esc, check it out.


I love this [S].It's pretty cool animation.it will be best animation.

Ho. Ly. FUCKING. Shit.

Where is the 6-star rating tom

This flash, is without a doubt, absolutely beautiful.
The SBURB loading screen is breathtaking and starts you up in suspense.
The music is stunning, catchy, and fluctuates perfectly with what's going on in the animation.
The amazing guest art with John, Dave, and Rose is perfect, along with how the screen expands at Bec Noir's Red Miles.
And Jade.
Holy sweet jesus frick god tier Jade. That was absolutely amazing. How well she executed her plans. The calm expression with a stylish godly outfit of black and green. And how she went THROUGH THE FOURTH WALL
Jegus. It was absolutely amazing when I first watched it and once you watch it, you'll always find yourself going back to it again. You did a great job Hussie.