Reviews for "[S] Cascade."

Two years later, this still kicks ass!

Praise the one true god: Andrew Hussie

I am so completely in love with Homestuck, and Cascade is one of the greatest parts of it. It is everything. Bec Noir, Gamzee, Doc Scratch, Green Sun, so many plot points in so little time. I cannot imagine trying to explain everything that's going on, it's just...

And I can't stop watching.

no not mayor!

Last week, a couple of my friends had been talking about Homestuck; I've heard about it for quite awhile, but never really knew anything about it other than there were people with horns. When I heard about the length I said, "Challenge accepted" and proceeded to try and read all of it, yes, all of it, in one day. This didn't go as planned since six days ago I was derailed by Problem Sleuth and did not feel like continuing since four hours of my time was "wasted." On Monday, four days ago, I began my journey into Homestuck for seven hours straight.

At the end of that date I began ACT V. Today, I end ACT V ACT II. I love how you end every single epic, somewhat climatic scene with a flash animation worthy of carrying out the plot. Almost every single one of them has left me glued to my seat begging for more and more content so that I may satisfy my new addiction - Homestuck is crack. When I am not around it, I get the jitters. I just have to have my fix.

As the end of ACT V ACT II approached closer and closer, I felt my face moving closer and closer to the screen, wondering how it will all end. With this flash, all of my desires were met, and even more of them came to life. Even though there was not much dialogue in this flash, as someone who cares and paid attention to the plot, it wasn't necessary.

I do not need to say how great the animation, the music, or even how the scenes were in this flash animation. I only intend to leave this "review" as a record of my admiration and sheer fascination with this series. If someone had interupted me during the watching of this, I would have shouted at the top of my lungs for them to "kindly" leave me the fuck alone until it was done. If someone were to pull me away from the viewing of it, I would have punched them in the face and deal with the consequences after I was done watching.

For the end of a tearjerking, because my favourite character was "killed", page turning, and overall (though I do shy away from this word due to overuse, it is due) epic act, this flash does it no injustice.

Andrew, I share the same name as you - and even though that means nothing since many people do as well, I feel proud to have it the same. Also, you can probably tell who my favourite character is by reading through the one or two memes I tried to incorporate into this text box........
All of the characters, except a few, I care for. All of them I am emotionally invested in. I may be repeating myself many times over since I have not written a "Proper Newgrounds Review" in a long time, but this flash may go among some of the greatest I have seen on Newgrounds in a long time - and that's not even counting the ones I have not seen in Act VI yet.

I will wear your name proudly.

This is amazing. The animation is smooth, the art-work is consistent, the storyline is continued nicely.

And for gods' sakes, people who were rating it down because 'it didn't make sense', even on its own it made more sense than Madness Combat, and that's one of the greatest webseries ever made. Your argument is bad and you should feel bad.

To those of you who are typing with quirks in a review section for a video-game... Really?