Reviews for "[S] Cascade."

This is amazing, it gives me so many feels and will NEVER. EVER. get old. Thank you Hussie. The artwork is just lovely and the music just sends chills down my spine.!

Ii'd giive thii2 a miiliion 2tar2 iif ii could. Ii love Home2tuck so much. Thii2 ii2 great!!!!!!!!

Yes, like AH says, it would make so much sense if you're caught up in the story. But still, the music and animation is awesome. One of my favorite flashes in Homestuck.

This is the defining moment of Homestuck. Every single panel, every flash, will never compare to what this represents. I will never think this is not awesome.

only thing that makes this better... is knowing the context of it. good music, and the for a webcomic the art is pretty good to. all around awesome.