Reviews for "[S] Cascade."

Love Homestuck, and love this. The only thing that I feel that doesn't fit is the fanart. It's just awkward.

Awesome, just pure awesome, my reaction, "Hmm...-Presses play-....Nice music and art...-10 minutes later-...-Panting unbelievably- dude...!" I loved it, and I look at the new slides every day.

Let me be honest with you.

Your shit spawned tons and tons of irl trolls dwelling in the basement and annoying the hell of people around them.

Still, impressive. Here's your rating, sir.

I don't understand the critics saying "I didn't understand it abloobloo" or "you should have just said it won't make sense to normal viewers" -when the poster says it probably won't make much sense if you haven't read the comic.-
People are dumb.

Signed up for NG today just to give this some praise. It's an amazing work and the music is amazing. RadFox did a good job, as did everyone involved!

How can anyone rate this flash project any lower than 5 stars? The animation is great and it explains a lot, which is kind of abnormal for some parts of Homestuck. I mean I haven't seen a good argument for any of the low ratings. I guess I should actually post a review for this, though *u*
The animation is as smooth as all of the other animated pages of Homestuck. This, however is long in such a satisfying way. Each god tier design is really beautiful, though maybe more of the trolls would be nice. It looks like a huuuuuuuuge amount of work went into this! And then there's the suspense left by dog guy-whose-name-I-forgot as to what happened to the exiles afterwards, did WV die or just become left in horrid pain?
One complaint is the pencil-ish art. The contrast of that and the regular pixels is large, but it does look nice on it's own.
Bluh! I'm horrible at these review things <__>