Reviews for "[S] Cascade."

So beautiful! It really is an epic flash! From the point of where Dave and Rose rise from the Green Sun as god tiers to the part where we see the first image of Homestuck on the 4th wall still has me tear up and get chills. I'd probably write a bit more but I'm typing this at 2 in the morning. Keep doing what your doing, Hussie!

This is an absolutely fantastic animation. Since I have read the comic, I understand most of what is going on (it is basically a gigantic overview of what has happened so far in the first 5 acts of the comic and acts as a finale to Act 5 itself) but as an art piece by itself it is beautifully animated and the music is just perfection incarnate. I love how the screen size changes as Bec Noir (aka the black dog guy) casts the Red Miles. Totally chill inducing.

Overall this just shows how talented Hussie is as an animator and artist and it is easy to see why this animation quite literally "broke the internet" the day it was released.

this was some of the best animation I have ever witnessed and with the changing box size it made for an immersive experience that only makes me that much more of a hardcore fan than I already was.like it says you need to have knowledge of the comic to be able to understand the context,but even then its a good bit of animation that anybody with or without knowing will enjoy.Take my word for it you will enjoy it more with reading the comic.Probally the best [s] in the hole comic and im not dick rideing or fallowing the croud.it is my honest opinion that this is more than deserving of the five stars.

The feels... Just, the violin when Dave and Rose god tier is just....

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