Reviews for "The Last Stand Union City"

it was great

I finish it in 5 times so i know all about it. try to have a fire axe its great for melee kill and dont help the people that can be your team mate they only die.
the end of the game was f**king suck they only ride in the boat but it was empty so they did not get away in the union city


Im a huge fan of these zombie and apocalyptic type games and this is one of the best i've ever played.

Great graphics like the trees, road, houses and i like the freedom you have to move in houses and the searching option.

Despite lagging at times, it is an absolutely awesome game


awesome game. bit laggy though. keep the good work up

I need new underwhere from all the pee.

Great Game. I love ZOMBIE games that have the abiltiy to make me pee a little. The Role playing aspect was the shiz. LOVED IT!!!

Nice Game

Pretty nice. I got like 10 headshots, and in one of them i said "LIKE A BITCH BRO"