Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"


dude this game is awesome DONT LISTEN TO THE HATERS =)

Spudzy responds:

Cheers dude


Amesone game.But hi is very smoll

Realy good!

Awsome game, but some times it hard to play. Make difficulty selector please.

A Fan's Opinion

im a huge fan of Madness, and of Madness day. What i saw in the game, has potential and next time you create one like this, it could prove to be worthwhile for everyone. As for gameplay, aiming could be switched to the mouse for better playing graphics need to be tighten just a bit better, more weapons, and some form of healing is needed. All things aside though, Great Game. I enjoyed it :)

great game

its a great game but i dont like the aiming way its better to aim with mouse otherwise awesome