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Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

great game

its a great game but i dont like the aiming way its better to aim with mouse otherwise awesome


really good game, don't listen to all the haters ;D

Spudzy responds:


EHHH..not the best but its okay^.^


Spudzy responds:

My next Madness Game will be much better than this, thanks anyway.

Worse than the average madness Game

really i jumped into the air and a guy shoots a grenade at me perfectly to kill me and its really cheap so yea not the best but still not the worst make a better one thats all

one thing to say

since everyone else pretty much said the bad things about the game. I hate how when you get shot and fly in the air you can still take damage. I can't get past the guy with the shotgun cause when he hits me i fly int he air the enemy behind me also shoots.