Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

I like it

I like it :D
Good atmosphere
But too slow.
Keep it up!:)

Spudzy responds:


Should have tested before you played it, mate.

The actions of the characters are much too slow compared to the enemy, even with the game's quality on low. Not to mention when I got shot, I flew backwards, even if shot in the back.

not bad

but not exactly great

Need a lot of improvements.

The actions are tooooo slow but the enemies are toooooo fast. Just like when you are about to approach the enemy, they hit you first. Even when I set to low it still happens. Try better next time then.

A good game, but needs improvement.

The game is quite difficult, with slow action and not much to look at. The guns feel clunky, slow and the 5 seconds for waiting the gun to bounce around was tedious to wait for, and most of the time, you get pushed away, after landing one or 2 melee hits on an enemy. Overall, it seemed very rushed and not much put into it. However the menu seems like the only thing that had any time put into.