Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

Not great.

I changed quality to low, and still didn't enjoy the game. Dodging bullets is unreasonably difficult, jumping over them doesn't work because your enemy tends to aim upwards if you jump, not giving big enough gaps to dodge.

Close range combat got very annoying, enemies would punch you away quickly. Everything seemed to instantly knock you back if you got too close, which was annoying when enemies spawned right on you sometimes or when you ran out of ammo on a weapon.

Really, everything works, it's just not a fun game. The guns don't feel reliable, and you can't punch because your enemies knock you away easily. It's not slow, it's annoying and there's no awesome action that you'd expect from madness.


they kill u before u stand hank and sanfored are to slow the bullets are slow and the gunn needindg to bounce before u pick it up is retared

few comments

its been said,yes the boss is sooper ee-Z with uzi's, and i seem to recall a dragons breath,AKA a shotgun with incenidary bullets being stolen from black ops,but im fine with that,i feel like giving this a 5/10 and a 3/5

The game is not bad.

The boss was easy: few shots of uzi and he's down

humm is good....kinda..

I like the style that you re trying to do here, but actually theres something that is a lillte annoying to me.

Hank and Standford move to slow, actually they recieve sometimes 2 or 3 shoots one after another even before that i can stand up..
That killed all the style of the madness series, beacuse the agents rape you with quick shots and your movements are too slow to feel the sensation of "madness"

the same with the sound of the weapons and the very fat slow bullets..

But after all, is a very interesting game, i hope you do it better next time :D

Spudzy responds:

The bullets move slowly so you have time to jump over them, and yes, next year my Madness Game will be much better than this.

Thanks for the review anyway.