Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

Quite hard.

But good gameplay and action. Before you get to the first boss you should get to fight a couple dudes. Although the game itself is pretty damn good. Nobody makes alot of madness games these days. So i give it a 10/4. Should be a bit more blood and more dudes and weapons.

Stupid Monster its gay dude

you see its cool and all i love it really but hank has a monster arm what the fuck man and that is the only fault in this game dont think a monster arm on hank is cool because you have descrated the image of hank

Spudzy responds:

Watch Madness Combat 9...

Awesome game

but you should add more guns and more enemies

Hard but good

Decent Game. Only problem is that I think it is a bit too hard. Once I got up to the Shotgun MAG Agent I died. Also make it so that Sanford can thow his hook. Another thing to add: More guns.


I want the original madnessĀ“ artist for the games, he knows all about his famous saga of games and cartoons. He knows how to do the games and cartoons