Reviews for "Madness Lunacy"

Worse than the average madness Game

really i jumped into the air and a guy shoots a grenade at me perfectly to kill me and its really cheap so yea not the best but still not the worst make a better one thats all

one thing to say

since everyone else pretty much said the bad things about the game. I hate how when you get shot and fly in the air you can still take damage. I can't get past the guy with the shotgun cause when he hits me i fly int he air the enemy behind me also shoots.

:( sad face just just :(

movements to slow guys can drain your health faster than you can say kamemea and its an insult to madness and i pity you a lot!
oh and i know you can do better than this crap.

I like it

I like it :D
Good atmosphere
But too slow.
Keep it up!:)

Spudzy responds:


Should have tested before you played it, mate.

The actions of the characters are much too slow compared to the enemy, even with the game's quality on low. Not to mention when I got shot, I flew backwards, even if shot in the back.