Reviews for "Fortress Magnus"

poor programing but good idea

The game is overall a good idea but there are too many glitches, Ad's keep running in the background and ruining the game play, and some hints are actually false.

id make a longer list of things that are wrong but i don't have the time for it.


its a fun game but its kinda annoying when your castle takes up half the screen up and down wise =/ makes it realy hard to dodge stuff maybe eather make the screen move up and down or make the castle smaller overall? also how about instead of having each tower shoot an individual shot they all just add up to more power for a single shooting point? it gets laggy when you have 10 towers all shooting at the same time (too many moving pics)
otherwise fun game and i say booooooo to the zero bombers

and a pie
(the cake is a fake the pie is a lie not the other way around)

Not all that great

A lot of the tips are wrong. Like holding the mouse is faster than clicking. It's not. It's 3 times as slow as clicking. Also the pick a chest is a Mario rip off. And lastly the graphics aren't that great. Just a meh defense game.

worst game ever

everything is bad the picture the sound and i thing that mary popens is in this game

Very good game, great design!

Loved it, everything was great. All I think this could need would be a speed upgrade, deployable shield and possibly some variety between towers attacks, if only graphical. All or a few of those elemens and this would be a perfect 10. Almost a bit unfair of me to give you 9, but I think it would need just that little extra. Once again, great work!