Reviews for "Fortress Magnus"


Yeah right. You and the other couple thousand people on here who say there game was stolen. Only about 4 were telling the truth. You are not one of those four.

Awesome game!

Pretty fun! Man, my wrist hurts...

Never before have I asked myself, "You know what this 'Defend this Castle Game is Missing?' ...if only I could just MOVE the damn thing around, that would make this task a whole lot easier." Thankfully, somebody thought the exact same thing. In Fortress Magnus, we get to steer our suprisingly agile castle around in the skies, streaming never ending punishment to our foes who seek our princesses.

Because to hell with the Queen and King. Seriously, they don't do anything.

While the game certainly does put our decked out Fortress in a tight jam from time to time, against a seemingly invincible, dense flying militia throwing WALLS of bullets at us, I seriously beat this thing in one play through, unlocking every achievement except for the survival mode-based ones. Some levels I didn't get hit once...a little bit manuevering, and a lot of it shooting down the bullets before they even reach you.

The game suggests to hold down the mouse for an extended rate of fire. My advice to you is to ignore that, and click as rapidly as you can. Nothing survives for long, and you can rapidly deal with threats that are coming from multiple angles. Click six times a second over here, five over there, and keep prioritizing the closest imminent threat until you've pretty much cleared it. Doing tight circles in the middle or away from where the enemies are coming from, you can make a mad charge for the health if you're getting critically low...and the good news for you is health is ALWAYS plentiful.

So is cash, evidently. Seriously, just kill EVERYTHING, and focus only on evading, anti-air, and immediately plop down one of your mech-knights for ground forces. At the end of each stage, it all comes to you anyway. That's right; power ups never fade away. There isn't any consequences to just letting them sit adrift out there among the incoming horde. The ending treasure chest selection is generous too...often times I just clicked the middle one sense my castle was pretty much there anyway and it saved time. 1 out of 5 times was it a weak payload. Pretty dependable boost of income, usually...maybe I'm just lucky.

The stages are nice and varied...it was an interesting twist as we got out to the ocean where we couldn't depend on our anti-ground Mech Knight. Those submaries bombarding below the flood of aircraft on both sides DID get overwhelming...but oddly enough, I didn't come close to dying. Like I said, health is abundant, and maybe I'm just quick enough to shoot the mind-numbing array of incoming ordinance. The closest I came to dying was being entrapped by a swarm inside the caves...but I pushed through for the untouched health packs, and my health was maxed out almost instantly.

Perhaps this game is going too easy on us...because by all means, this SHOULD be hard as hell. This SHOULD be one of the most difficult flash games ever...especially since the more you upgrade your castle, the bigger a target you are facing the bigger, more impenetrable fleets...but it isn't...it got easy, then it got medium as our firepower wasn't meeting up to it's necessary standard, then it got easy again.

I never missed a princess. I rescued each and every single identical, slutty looking anime princess dressed like a maid. It's kind of hilarious and out of place when they give that sultry "YEEAHH <3" and pop in the corner to make a pose before sashaying away, but whatevs. Where the hell are they parachuting from anyway? Did they demand to be flown over a fucking battlefield just HOPING to land on our fortress? They're morons! Just sail in on your dainty little parachute while bullets and explosions are literally FILLING THE AIR. It would make sense if they could get shot, even by friendly fire...sort of exploding into a bloody splotch like the birds.

The dialogue from our castle is kind of awkward too. How many times did they call the enemy "rust buckets?" Think of something new, unidentified crew member. And also, yeah, we get it, something big is coming. We know it's a boss. Shut up already. I doubt that machine is bigger than Texas.

Fun, but easy. 5!

Very nice game

Lots of fun, until you get to the boss where the enemy spawns up your ass.
Otherwise a nice little game!

A lot of fun and surprisingly addictive

Sunk a good hour and a half or so in this without even realizing it. Very fun, simple to control, decent artwork and music, a real sense of accomplishment for seeing your fortress get bigger and bigger. Only real downside is that it feels a bit sluggish to control, though that obviously fits considering that you're piloting a floating island with a gigantic building on top.

Maybe add more princesses though? A bit stale seeing the same bimbo pop up on screen every time you rescue one.

Just... Excellent..

It´s an amazing game, its graphics are great. What I noted that you can enhance to the game to make it "visually" better, is the form in that the shot transforms , the first is small then it get bigger, I suggest a color/shape change.
And another thing that I wanted to suggest to you is implement a "speed of the castle " upgrade; I really needed it into game LOL.

Cheers, Daniel.