Reviews for "Fortress Magnus"


omg so fun, im addicted. i really dont notice the flaws in this game, and the bosses that ive faced so far are pretty easy. if you upgrade right, the game will be easy. i say BEST GAME EVAR!!!

Cool, but...

I have 32 of the 33 stars. I don't understand how to get the last one,

ibicus responds:

Thanks for bug report, I'm going to fix it very soon.

love it

one of the best games on here in a long time

I'm sorry, but your fun is in another castle

Let me just get started. I did not have fun with this game, even after beating it. He are a few of the reasons why:
-Infinite Upgrades makes advancing to higher weapons next to pointless
-Enemies can come at such a overpowering rate that you can't kill them all
-You also can't dodge shots once you get more powerful weapons because your castle ends up being too large, which makes the new weapons even more pointless
-Rapid fire is slow. I mean slow. I don't know about anyone else, but I can click faster than the 'rapid' fire.
-Due to a combination of bad rapid fire and enemy spawns, you will ram into enemies in later levels.
-Upgrade screen is really clunky. Make it one screen that doesn't scroll, There really wasn't enough to warrant the scroll bar.

I really felt like I was wasting my time after stage 12. It has an interesting concept, I just don't see my self wanting to play it again.

Good game but one major problem

I highly suggest rewriting the castles comments

lvl 19 (castle) "1 more meteor shower"
lvl 20 (me) "the hell its not!"

And this didnt lower your rating but just as a suggestion: if u have a shark boss, it should probably be in the water area. Just saying.