Reviews for "Fortress Magnus"

Great game

... I realy liked this kind of games and the art was nice too. You can pick quite a lot of languages, also a good point. But I'm somehow missing achievement 9, 10 and 14, they aren't listed.

Just Okay.

Ground attacks could come from behind, but your knights only drove in one direction, making you a sitting duck from otherwise easily destroyed enemies. Also, I feel as if there should have only been a few weapons that you could upgrade - not a dozen that had little variation/advantage over the others, and just seem to make your fortress clunky. Good for awhile, but gets frustrating quickly.

Great game!

I had alot of fun playing this game. Well balanced and beautiful to boot! Not too hard but not too easy. One thing I did notice was if you get a large amount of gold, upgrade your towers, and refresh your browser, when you start the game again youll keep the upgrades and your gold will be refunded. So you could actually upgrade your towers at no cost at all.

good one, good one

Neat graphics and music.
I like the idea how a falling fort could be saved with a health pick-up.
Too bad the upgrade system is only about +1 fireball, and +hp (except the 2 knights) The fun still lasts for a while, but it could've been extended with various upgrades...
Nice work, though.

Great Game

Should be played by anyone willing to have a good time. Though shooting can be slow, instead of just holding down the mouse click it like crazy and your castle will be insta-rape. Very well designed enemies and location all round, I can see this being a game of the week for sure.