Reviews for "Fortress Magnus"

I need a turbo button

excellent game! Love the upgrades and art style. My trigger finger is a bit stiff though from all the fast paced clicking. Oowww.

I would suggest perhaps not putting any menu buttons on screen, as I accidentally click them during my hyper-active shooting spree across the screen. I greatly appreciated that the game would pause whenever I clicked outside of the screen (which happened a lot!)

Im really curious if you can upgrade your castle infinitely. My current highest level is 23 and it keeps going!

Great game. In a future sequel, I would like to see a rapid-fire upgrade so I can simply hold down the mouse button and still fire at incredible speed. Maybe you could even include castle customization (dark castle, fortress, wizardy lookin castle, english castle, Terran base, etc. Fun stuff like that.)

Very Nice.

First 5 Min:This is a pretty cool flash so far, I kinda like the mechanics, and would LOVE to see this on the front page. The princess mechanic is pretty cool, and there are enough upgrades to keep me playing.
First Swamp lvl: So far this game has lived up to my expectations. loving the upgrades. I gotta like the bosses as well.
Second Cave lvl: This game is officialy amazing. You deserve any praise and no trolling.


very good and addictive, with great graphics and upgrade system. My only complaint would be that the castle's got too much lives, so the game isn't really challenging.
good job!

I played for how long!

I got lost in this game in a good way. Its addicting. Nice work

Not bad,

It's not a bad game its just I don't like these kinds of games.. Other then that, I liked the art a lot though, also you did a pretty good job programming it! :) Keep it up!
Btw even though I don't really like these kind of games, I still kinda got addicted to it lol!