Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

Can you feel it?

can you feel that guys?
lots and lots of sequels
im watting 4 kolm 3

very good game

its to bad there might not be a sequel also...anyone else notice the dads silhouette has two faces?


Its not too hard and it has great plot twists .
I especially liked the the first part(KOLM 1) my hart was bumping till the end !
Hope you make a part 3

i was just looking for a game to fill my time but

i actually thoroughly enjoyed myself with this and the first one!

The Best of all trades

Excellent Music Excellent gameplay Excellent emotional involvement.
One thing: On a qwertz it makes your fingers hurt. how about including wasd and jkl as a secondary control scheme? hell you could include an option to control both at the same time= instant 2Player. Also the second to last screen was... mean. I dunno, maybe I just missed a second upgrade for the sunscreen, but got through anyway through superior sprinting and girl-usage(I really like that word). but not back... Also a screen where you can see all your upgrades would be cool.(this could be an upgrade in itself) This installment had something similar in these help buttons below the main screen, but something pokedexlike would be neat. Just so you know how many are missing. Shame it was so short tough... looking forward to KOLM 3