Reviews for "Feed Us"

Very stylized and original

I haven't played much but from the looks of it this is gunna be a lot of fun for a long time.

My God...

When that piranha is fully upgraded... I just mean.. Now that is a freaking monster :D Love the game, but the fishes do have a insane tendency to fly all over the place :)


You know, honestly, im not really into blood and gore games... but this was actually FUN. And not to mention the upgrades make the fish look, well, like a total badass... What - it's true lol! I am glad it wasnt too hard to get the upgrades. Thanks for that.

Feeding Frenzy

My one gripe is that it could be a little bit longer, but aside from that, this sated my appetite with lots of bloody-good entertainment.

I hope there's a sequel with something similar, like sharks, or some other nasty predatory animal.

Fun game!

Great idea for a game and alot of fun to play too. Its like that old msdos game I used to play in elementary school. Steves pond or something.