Reviews for "Feed Us"

Very stylized and original

I haven't played much but from the looks of it this is gunna be a lot of fun for a long time.

Great game buuuut

There's no save and it froze up where you exit out of the upgrades...
It needs help in the controls a bit and how the hell did the shark just eat my spawn...
But what I really think is irritating...IS THAT F***ING DAMN SHARK D8<!
He like pops up every five friggen seconds, it drove me up the wall!
And so far since it freezes up, I can't finish this game...
Which is a real shame because I love the concept D8


You know, honestly, im not really into blood and gore games... but this was actually FUN. And not to mention the upgrades make the fish look, well, like a total badass... What - it's true lol! I am glad it wasnt too hard to get the upgrades. Thanks for that.

Feeding Frenzy

My one gripe is that it could be a little bit longer, but aside from that, this sated my appetite with lots of bloody-good entertainment.

I hope there's a sequel with something similar, like sharks, or some other nasty predatory animal.

Fun game!

Great idea for a game and alot of fun to play too. Its like that old msdos game I used to play in elementary school. Steves pond or something.