Reviews for "Feed Us"

Great game buuuut

There's no save and it froze up where you exit out of the upgrades...
It needs help in the controls a bit and how the hell did the shark just eat my spawn...
But what I really think is irritating...IS THAT F***ING DAMN SHARK D8<!
He like pops up every five friggen seconds, it drove me up the wall!
And so far since it freezes up, I can't finish this game...
Which is a real shame because I love the concept D8

Piharas :D

It reminds me of the movie.. the new one, With no nakedness (x (Thank God).

piranha frenzy

u just wanna enjoy a nice day on the sea and before you know u see animated piranhas chasing you,a shark not attacking you but attacking the animated piranhas instead and then glitching ur way out of the screen to safety.
seems legit.

Fun game, a little buggy

This game is pretty damn cool, i love eating people's faces with 14 more piranhas backin me up to do so. But it does have its flaws, the sharks are a huge pain in the ass since they come around every 5 seconds or so, and my sick ass scary lookin piranha army would slowly turn into one big ugly mother fucker with three little fish following him around. And i got stuck off the screen a good 4 times which sucked. But this game is still hella fun and i defiantly recommend playing it


Woooo, very great game. I enjoy in every moment.