Reviews for "Feed Us"


A well-paced, addictive, and gory (let's not forget gory) time-killer. A half-hour immersion in skeleton-stripped waters awaits the player willing to step into the piranha's scales.

Awesome Game.

Loved everything about this game.
The ability to switch between quality modes would have been nice though.

And as said before, it lags a lot when you have to many Piranha on screen.

Meh, good game

Good exectuion, nice graphics, nice gameplay, nice music, just one problem, stages take too long.

Addictive, Simple, Fun!

I thought this game was insanely addictive, the ability to upgrade is AWESOME!
The only bad thing about this game is that it lags a lot when you get too many piranhas on screen.

Fantastic. Just one little problem.

Well, the game's fun, addicting, with awesome graphics and superior programming.
Problem is, i can't save for some reason. I rated 10/10, due to the fact that it may just be my computer. I use a Windows 7, in the case that it might be that that's the problem. But other than that, a grade-A game has just fallen upon my path.